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Short Story: A Question of Morals

“You both need to understand this: if you’re not at the top of the class then you’re at the bottom."

First published in Newsroom, September 11th, 2021. Read Jackie's story here.

Short Story: House of Dragons

"Katie held her breath — she always did at the moment the backdrop of Hong Kong gave way to the wild jungle paradise of the family home, an unexpected oasis in the city of concrete and smog."

First published in Headland Journal, November 2021. Read Jackie's story here.

Blog Post: A Love of Food & Writing

Headland Journal asked me about my 'other love' outside of writing, and how that feeds into my creative life. This was my response.

First published in the Headland Journal blog, January 2022. Read Jackie's post here.

Review: Flight of the Bird-Woman

"Hereaka's skill lies not only in being an excellent storyteller but also in crafting characters who leap off the page, hold you down and insist that you listen to them."

A review of Whiti Hereaka's Kurangaituku. First published in Newsroom, January 2022. Read Jackie's review here.

Essay: 27 Teeth

"Some people grow too many teeth. Jackie Lee Morrison grew 27 too many."

First published in The Spinoff's Sunday Essay, August 2022. Read Jackie's essay here.

Article: Something Fishy

"From sea to sauté, Jackie Lee Morrison gets to know Wellington's fishing fanatics."

First published in Capital Magazine, Issue #87. Read Jackie's article here.

Novel Extract: Extract from 'House of Jade'

"I gripped my father tighter. He was protecting me, though he didn’t know what I’d done, and it was then I knew that no matter what, he would always protect me."

First published in Turbine | Kapohau, December 2022. Read Jackie's extract here.

Article: Everything, everywhere, all at Mabel's

"Marlar Boon’s journey back to her Burmese roots has been one that she’s had to navigate for herself. Like many other second-generation diaspora children, with no mentor or guiding hand, the flavours she remembers from her childhood have been cobbled together through trial and error. But that’s very often how it is for the children of immigrants — every little link and connection can bring you closer to home. Or, at least, what home means for you."

First published in Capital Magazine, Issue #89. Read Jackie's article here.

Article: The Last Grand Pig Master of Palmerston North

"At some stage, you will have a failure — you lift it out of the oven and the meat falls off the bones. There’s nothing you can do. But we don’t talk about those."

First published in Capital Magazine, Issue #90. Read Jackie's article here.

Essay: Twenty-Five Years

"Death had become our constant companion; always in the corner, waiting."

First published in The Spinoff's Sunday Essay, November 2023. Read Jackie's essay here.

Short Story: Shui Gui

"'That's why you don't pee in the river at night,' he leaned closer, his voice dropped, 'or the shui gui will get you.'"

First published in Takahē 109, December 2023. Read Jackie's story here.

Short Story: The Return

"'How is it?' her mum asked, but she didn't mean the jook, she meant being back at the start of everything all over again. She meant how did it feel to give up on a dream."

First published in Capital Magazine, Issue #93.

Review: Otherhood

"Unmarried, childless women are dangerous. At least that's what society would have you believe."

First published in Kete Books, May 2024. Read Jackie's review here.

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